Mission & Vision

We want to better the security industry. 

This will not be easy, as change is always hard to accept. But through our perseverance, we shall see our collective work benefit the world.


With our unique and stringent certification & training criterias, we hope to deliver a most beneficial impact for all.

 Alvin Buenaventura 

Co-Founder & 

Chairman of the Fund​

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change...

-Leon Megginson (Speaking at a Social Science Convention in 1963)


We firmly believe that the security industry has not evolved in a manner that is congruent to the true & realistic state of modern risks as it stands today. With the relative exception to emerging video surveillance technologies, the scary truth of the matter is that most other technologies in the converged fields of electronic security has lagged far behind.

You are usually most vulnerable, in the areas in which you are most comfortable.

Our Leadership

Alvin B. Buenaventura served 20 dedicated years in the United States Air Force from 1993 through 2013. During this period, Alvin led various deployments throughout the Middle East in support of global security, earning numerous accolades, medals, and awards along the way.

 After retiring from his stellar military service, Alvin was finally able to fully concentrate on raising his amazing family of 6 in sunny Northern California. But never one to stop learning, he committed himself into furthering his education and found Brandman University as a perfect place to do so.

At Brandman he excelled yet again, gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Management, and earning his Master's in Organizational Leadership.

Alvin leads us with his experience, work ethic, and his unparalleled passion to serve others.


Our goal is to bring forth the highest of principles and practices for our trades.

 Using science & proven studies, we hope to set ample benchmarks in the security industry.